Hilyses. The Bionic Prebiotic.

Hilyses. The Bionic Prebiotic.

Hilyses. The Bionic Prebiotic.

Swine herds face daily challenges from disease-causing, productivity-zapping bacteria. These bugs live in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and the environment and compromise health, immunity, and performance.

Hilyses provides a unique solution to safeguard and improve herd health and results.

Hilyses Hydrolyzed Yeast:

  • Provides the thickest, strongest cell walls in the commercial industry.
  • Delivers abundant cellular metabolites (nucleotides) and cell wall components (mannan oligosaccharides or MOS and beta-glucans).
  • Acts in the gut to promote pig health and productivity.
  • Hilyses components feed beneficial bacteria to maximize swine health and performance.
  • MOS from the thick cell walls bind disease-causing bacteria, while beta-glucans activate the immune system.
  • Free nucleotides help promote cell division and immunity.

University Research Shows Significant Performance Benefits from Hilyses Supplementation in:


Research conducted at Ianni Agropecuaria Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil (commercial pig and cattle breeding company) in cooperation with the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and ICC Brazil.

Key Benefits of Hilyses (Free Nucleotide Supplementation) in Sows for 3 Days Before Farrowing and During Lactation1

Enhanced Milk Quality and Quantity

Total ribonucleic acid or RNA content in milk of sows supplemented with Hilyses at 8 kg/MT and 12 kg/MT increased significantly at 11 and 20 days of lactation (P<0.10) vs non-supplemented controls:

  • At 11 days, RNA levels (mg/mL/milk) were up to 26% higher.
  • At 20 days, RNA levels were up to 18% higher.

In addition, estimated milk production (kg) increased up to 6%.

Carryover Benefits in Piglets

Hilyses supplementation in sows at 8 kg/MT and 12 kg/MT levels generally produced the best improvements in piglet performance compared with controls:

  • Produced 9% more weaned piglets per litter.
  • Increased litter weight gain up to 6%.
  • Decreased piglet mortality rate by up to 53.5%.

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Research conducted at SunPork Farms, Queensland, Australia.

Studies Show Hilyses (Nucleotide) Supplementation Improves Performance in Weaned Piglets

Improved Feed Conversion Ratio2

Weaned piglets receiving Hilyses in a diet containing 10% milk powder showed a significantly better feed conversion ratio (FCR) than all other treatment groups (P<0.05):

  • Up to 17% improvement in FCR at the third week of supplementation.
  • Up to 12% cumulative improvement in FCR across the full 4-week study period.

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Increased Body Weight Gain and Decreased Morbidity and Mortality3

Research conducted at Ianni Agropecuaria Itu and University of Sao Paulo, Pirassununga, Brazil. 

Results of Replacing Plasma With Higher Hilyses Supplementation Levels (Starting at 9% and 12% Respectively) in Weanling Diets

Improved Productivity

  • Boosted feed intake in the pre-starter 2 phase by up to 26% (P<0.05).
  • Improved FCR for the total study period by up to 2.3% (P<0.05).
  • Increased body weight gain (BWG) in the starter 1 phase by 31% (P<0.05).

Lowered Mortality and Morbidity for the Total Study Period

  • Decreased mortality rates over the total study period by up to 83%.
  • Reduced diarrhea scores for the total study period by up to 63%.

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Improved BWG and FCR Compared with Yeast Extract4

Research conducted at SunPork Farms, Queensland, Australia.

Weaned Piglets Fed Hilyses Performed Better*

  • Increased 28-day body weights significantly by 6% more than piglets fed a control diet plus yeast extract.
  • Boosted average daily gain (ADG) significantly by 12% at 21 to 28 days vs yeast extract.
  • Improved FCR significantly by 12% at 21 to 28 days vs yeast extract.
  • Raised cumulative total ADG vs yeast extract by 11%.
  • Enhanced cumulative total FCR vs yeast extract by 11%.


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Study Shows Nucleotide Supplementation with Hilyses in Piglets Helps Enhance Growth Factors and Immunity5

Research conducted at the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Findings Show Hilyses Benefits in Weanlings:

  • Improved duodenal villi morphology, which fosters cell proliferation, enterocyte formation, and nutrient absorption capacity.
  • Increased spleen live weight percentages with greater Hilyses inclusion (P<0.05). This shows that nucleotide supplementation may have stimulated the pigs’ immune systems.

These results indicate the potential of Hilyses nucleotide supplementation to replace antimicrobials in post-weaning piglet diets.

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Research conducted at South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota; Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands; and the University of Milan, Milan, Italy.

Studies Show Nucleotide Supplementation Helps Trigger Immunity and Growth6-8

Nucleotide Benefits in Grow/Finish Phase Improved Gut Health

  • Many studies show dietary nucleotides may help maintain intestinal health, develop the immune system, and reduce enteric disease.6,7 Positive effects include:
  • Improved form and efficiency in the intestinal mucosa (e.g., significantly higher villi height and crypt depth, and thicker adherent mucous gel).8
  • Increased quantities of lymphocytes and macrophages.8
  • Research suggests young piglets have greater need for nucleotide supplementation during times of stress and immunologic challenge.6,8
  • Dietary nucleotides may provide an alternative to antibiotics.6,8
  • Hilyses hydrolyzed yeast contains abundant, easily absorbed free nucleotides and nucleosides.

Enhanced Immune Response With Improved Feed Conversion7

  • Post-weaning pigs fed hydrolyzed yeast derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae showed a higher immune response with no performance penalty, including:
  • Improved feed conversion ratio.
  • Increased antibodies and agglutination titers, which suggests stronger disease-fighting ability.

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Research indicates that yeast additives derived from S. cerevisiae can improve the health and performance of weaned pigs by stimulating the immune system and maintaining a beneficial intestinal environment.7

Additional Extensive Research Shows Benefits of Hilyses Use in:

Other Species Image

Other Species


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