“We brought in Hilyses to try to stabilize the rumen and get better digestion out of what we were feeding them. It really, in a matter of a week or two, we were able to start seeing a response. Milk production started coming up, cows’ manure started looking better, more consistent. And really that’s all I’m looking for. A cow wants consistency on the front end, I want consistency on the back end.”

Shane Keady

Nutritionist, Phoenix Feed & Nutrition – Vermont

“I think that we need to maximize cow health and I think that (Hilyses) is a product that does it. It’s a good thing to have in the rations… It’s a very consistent product. We’ve seen consistent results with it.”

Tom Vander Wall

Nutritionist, Van Beek Nutrition – Michigan

“I’ve been using Hilyses on my calves for almost a year and incorporated Hilyses and its components into my lactating cow ration more than 6 months ago. I’ve seen improvements in calf mortality and SCC and manure quality in my cows. I am definitely not planning to take it out of my ration.”

Chris Dixon

Quietness Farm LLC

“I work with several dairy and beef producers around the country and have seen several improvements by adding Hilyses to the diet. In one cow/calf operation in Texas, we were able to achieve a 92% pregnancy rate last year, even breeding during the hot summer months. On another operation, we were able to reduce the sick pulls by about half and dropped the medicine costs dramatically. I am convinced that use of Hilyses is a valuable part of any cow herd or transition or grazing cattle program.”

Steve Blezinger

Ruminant Nutritionist, Reveille Livestock Concepts

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