About Hilyses

Hilyses. Born Bionic.

Thickest, most concentrated cell walls

Densely packed with MOS and beta-glucans

Fights pathogens

The Story of Hilyses

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Derived from the sugarcane ethanol fermentation process, Hilyses is one-of-a-kind from the start.

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Specially selected Hilyses yeast cells undergo rigorous fermentation conditions.

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To survive this harsh environment, Hilyses yeast cells forge tough cell walls many times more dense than those in conventional yeast culture. This creates the highest concentration of yeast culture cell components for use in the gut.

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Enzymatic hydrolysis breaks down cell walls and cytoplasm.This releases nucleotides, beta-glucans, and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS). These components help enhance immunity, disease resistance, production, and growth.

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Hilyses components act in the gut to promote overall health and productivity:

  • Feed beneficial bacteria to maximize animal health and performance.
  • MOS from the thick cells walls bind disease-causing bacteria, while beta-glucans activate the immune system.
  • Free nucleotides help promote cell division and immunity.

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