Hilyses for Dairy

Dairy cows are challenged every day by disease-causing, production-zapping bacteria. These bugs live in the rumen and hindgut and compromise health, immunity, and performance.

Hilyses. The Bionic Prebiotic.

Hilyses helps cows and calves thrive in the face of disease-causing, productivity-zapping bacteria.

Hilyses goes the distance. Just like you.

Research Results

Hilyses use in dairy herds:

  • Helps increase milk production and composition in cows
  • Enhances gut health, immunity, and growth in calves

Dairy Cows

University of Florida Study – Effects of Feeding Hilyses Yeast Culture on Lactation Performance in Dairy Cows1

University of Florida conducted a lactation performance study involving 56 lactating Holstein cows. Results shown in Table 1 indicated that Hilyses components fed to lactating cows:

  • Improved dry matter intake (DMI), fat-corrected milk (FCM), and all milk components regardless of starch level in the diet.
  • Helped maintain pH levels and reduce risk of rumen acidosis.

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Study Shows Hilyses Yeast Culture Helps Improve Lactation Performance



Hilyses Provides Added Support for Calves

High nucleotide content promotes calf health and growth while reducing need for antibiotics.

  • Nucleotides improve intestinal health, enhance immunity, and spur growth.2
  • Studies suggest young livestock have a higher need for nucleotides and may not produce enough on their own to meet demands of rapid growth, disease challenge, and other stressors.2
  • Research shows milk replacers supplemented with MOS and nucleotides may improve immune function and gut health in young animals.2
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis used to produce Hilyses releases more free nucleotides to build cells.

Additional Extensive Research Shows Benefits of Hilyses Use in:

Other Species Image

Other Species


  1. Data on file at ICC.
  2. Mateo CD. Aspects of Nucleotide Nutrition in Pigs [dissertation]. Brookings: South Dakota State University; 2005.

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